Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The internet marketing club in Detroit is the best place to get help on internet marketing written by: Don Lansky

The internet marketing club in Detroit is the best place to get help on internet marketing

Promoting Business with the Internet

The twenty-first century has led to the evolution of the business world in many ways. The increased use of information technology has consequently led to the integration of the internet into business. As a matter of fact, the modern world requires the use of the internet as a prerequisite for survival and success in the market. The new phase of business has left many people stranded. Most people are laymen when it comes to the internet and therefore suffer a great deal in efforts to ensure they structure their business activities around the internet. Of interest in this article is the fact that any person entering in business will face heavy challenges understanding how to promote their business using the internet? Consequentially, they face losses and even quite the business. Although most people offer expensive training curricula or quick-fix solutions like YouTube as modes of learning where to get help for your internet marketing, this article offers you the best and most effective solution. The internet marketing club in Detroit not only offers you a chance to the most updated training sessions, it is also absolutely free of charge.

Where to get help for your internet marketing

The internet marketing club in Detroit offers the perfect solution to your problems in promoting your business with the internet. The founders of the club believe in a firm foundation of empowering business minds through knowledge. It is due to their belief that they opt to offer their services to people without discriminating on any person. Regardless of whether you are an established business entrepreneur or not, the club opens its membership doors to you. Furthermore, the club gives you a chance to get high quality training and education on matters specific to on-line marketing. The specialization helps to ensure that the club members are successful business people who optimally reap the business benefits offered by internet marketing. The club has a team of Mark Maupin and Chris Wechner. They host a session of critical discussion of the latest advancements in internet marketing. They offer a lecture on the new innovations in internet marketing and offer the audience a chance to ask questions. The interactive section, which lasts for two hours, is meant to ensure that in each month, the members get updates on the innovations in internet marketing and report on their progress in learning and business practice. After the session, a guest host invited by the club takes to the podium to address the audience. The club specifically selects its guest hosts from the best specialists in internet marketing so that each guest handles a unique topic each month. 

The intensive learning process takes place at Detroit College on every second Thursday of every month. The sessions begin at four o'clock in the evening and run till eight o'clock in the evening. If at all you are thinking of pursuing any business or are already in the business, then the internet marketing club in Detroit offers you events of a life time. The events will not only improve your business skills in on-line marketing, they will also raise your business qualifications. You could access further information about the club at and . 

Internet club Host: Ralph Mark Maupin
Phone 248-762-0800
Q & A 4-6 pm
Featured Speaker 6-8 pm
Event Date:
2nd Thursday each Month
Event Start Time:
4:00 PM
Event End Time:
8:00 PM